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Company Certifications

We believe that certifications are proof of our capabilities. We continuously invest in complying with the industry standard requirements in order to demonstrate our determination to ensure the highest level of quality of our service.


Design and execution authorizations for natural gas works:

  • Usage installations – PDIB, EDIB
  • Distribution systems (less than 6 bar pressure) – PDSB, EDSB
  • Transportation systems (more than 6 bar pressure) – PPI, PT, EPI, ET.

General certifications:

  • Quality management system – SR EN ISO 9001:2015
  • Environment management system – SR EN ISO 14001:2015
  • Occupation health and safety management system – SR EN ISO 18001:2008



Bucharest Office

8, Popa Lazar St., District 2

Bucharest – 021968, ROMANIA

Ploiești Office

40A, Cerceluș St., Ploiești, ROMANIA

Constanța Office

79, Zorelelor St., Constanta, ROMANIA

031/9261 (Call Center)
+4 (021) 256 8110 (Office)
+4 (021) 256 8018 (Fax)