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For Real-Estate Developers

We successfully developed proven workflows to efficiently address the challenges raised by the construction of utility networks in different environments and with various partners.

There are particular aspects to any project as there are similarities. We learned how to streamline what works into effective procedures that produce timely results, thus accelerating project delivery for our clients.

From our experience working with high-profile real-estate developers, we developed a collaboration model that allows for seamless integration within our clients’ project delivery approach.

Our services integrate in their own project execution as a turn-key deliverable which they don’t have to worry much about.
They enjoyed the ability to deliver their projects on time and within budget by letting us deal with the hassle of utility network connectivity as we know best.

Packaged Utility Network Connection Services

As we developed, we gathered valuable experience in all the aspects related to building utility distribution networks, from gas to water, to electricity.

We know how to integrate engineering design, obtaining permits and authorizations, applying for financing, and project execution into one package in the service of our clients.

This way our clients can focus on their core activities and not lose valuable time and resources having to deal with details which may slow them down.